My portrait by David Berg in the National Park Service Art Show at Salt River

My portrait by David Berg in the National Park Service Art Show at Salt River

Poppa John at Salt River Bay

My family was out for a walk and we met and merged groups with David Berg and his cousin and had fun.  I guess he took the picture while I wasn’t paying attention.  It’s in the Visitor Center at Salt River where they are currently holding an art show.  If I go back, I’ll take some pictures of a couple of others that I liked a lot.

About John Boyd

I have been hiking the hills and beaches of St. Croix, Virgin Islands for over 35 years and in retirement, decided to become a Heritage Hiking Guide specializing in the local history, geology, plant life and environmental changes that accompanied all groups of settlers over the last 3000 years. Unfortunately, aging of my body has temporarily limited my aggressive physical activity and I am using my intrinsic curiosity to explore the very obscure history of St. Croix prior to World War I. The oldest recorded History was dominated by the actions of Absolute European Monarchs who claimed ownership of the Island. Of course, all their actions were reported upon by official scribes who were controlled by censorship. Regardless of the outcome, reports were always positive until the king was dead and a new monarch crowned.
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