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Where did the phrase “batsh*t crazy” come from?

The title question comes from a scholarly page discussing the question of the origins of the phrase “batshit crazy.” The phrase seems to have developed some legitimacy as it is now included in the Oxford English Dictionary. The scholarly citations … Continue reading

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The Diggers come looking for the Ark of St. Croix

Sandstone Maltese Cross. While in Virginia on vacation, I got to see a program staring Ringmaster Tim Saylor and King George Wyant, also known as Ringy and KG, of the Anaconda Treasure Company. This very dynamic duo came to St. … Continue reading

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St. Croix Should Treasure Their Pirate History!

I have to admit that I was more than a little amused by the rum barrel debates over the placement of decorated rum barrels in the Historic District. However, I was also a little disappointed at the lack of historical … Continue reading

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Caribbean Night at the Palms

I am finding a whole new dimension to Caribbean Night at the Palms (at least for me). I started doing a weekly book signing at Caribbean Night in the Craft area and am having a ball. The women have been … Continue reading

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This Avis News Story Says it All!

For those of you who missed the story in the St. Croix Avis, I was  delighted with the positive vibes. So here is a copy of the story.

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Lost Pirate Treasure of St. Croix – Book Description

My research and book tracks all known pirate activity on the island of St. Croix. Many pirates brought treasure to the island as did smugglers and merchants. It is well documented that Captain James Martel was killed on the island … Continue reading

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Are the St. Croix Goldens Descended from Pirates?

I have known the Golden clan of St. Croix for about 30 years and enjoyed the company of family members on many occasions. Brother George was a natural story teller and he and I spent many days and hours sharing … Continue reading

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Start Your Treasure Hunt Today!

According to Amazon, you don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books. Download one of their free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on all your electronic devices. The Kindle app is available for every major … Continue reading

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Buy an Autographed Copy of My Carib Book

My long time friend Mario Golden has moved to Georgia but like many others, we remain in touch through facebook (facebook.com/hikestcroix). He has been following my various activities of hiking and writing and I follow his eclectic news reports and … Continue reading

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In Search of Pirate Treasure

Almost everybody I know has walked a beach while looking down for treasure. Some people treasure shells, others sea-glass and a unique group even searches for cod stoppers, those marbles used to seal carbonated beverages before crown caps were invented. … Continue reading

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