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Beautiful and Deadly

In antiquity, poisons were valued for their utilitarian value in hunting fishing and even for preserving life. Just as many of our modern drugs will kill from an overdose, plants the we recognize as poisons were probably used, in greatly … Continue reading

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Flowers for Sailors

When humans started sailing the seven seas 50,000 years ago, a raft was probably the only flotation they had at their disposal, yet they made it from Africa to Australia probably by island hopping. Still, the unique mode of transportation … Continue reading

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A Backyard Cure for Cancer

Catharanthus roseus Periwinkle grows on all six inhabited continents. It has been cultivated for herbal medicine and as an ornamental plant all around the world. In Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) the extracts of its roots and shoots, though poisonous, are … Continue reading

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The Hike at Judith’s Hill

I started hiking on Judith’s Hill almost as soon as I purchased my house in 2000. The whole family would join me on these hikes and our prime purpose was recreational during family vacations.  The principle attraction to this barren … Continue reading

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Sugarloaf Hill, Goat Hills and St. Croix’s East End Park System.

The only thing rarer than meeting other hikers in this area of St. Croix is getting rain on a hike. This rugged area is generally avoided by most visitors and locals except for a quick ride up the hill to … Continue reading

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The Nature Concervancy – Estate Little Princess Greathouse, St. Croix

The plantation system of the Virgin Islands is very well documented with the Danes having kept incredibly detailed records of their period of colonial rule of the Islands. Scholars have been studying these records and The St. Croix Landmark Society … Continue reading

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Hiking with Children – A Million Dollar View!

My grandchildren are capable of some pretty incredible hikes with prior planning and their effort at Goat Hill was spectacular, but that is another story. On Sunday July 17, I decided to see what kind of shape they were in … Continue reading

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Hiking with Children – Ham’s Bluff

Our trip to Frederiksted began with a stop at the Playground in town across from the Fort. My granddaughters love all of the equipment and search for the best in each park. In this case the incredible swings won. Both … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Hiking, Walking and a Guided Tours.

Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in a natural environments usually along know trails. For humans, walking is distinguished from running in that one foot is always touching the ground. Running begins when both feet are off … Continue reading

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