Lost Pirate Treasures of St. Croix


Lost Pirate Treasures of St. Croix

Lost Pirate Treasures of St. Croix

My new book, “Lost Pirate Treasures of St. Croix: Your Search for Billions Starts Here!” has been published and is available from Amazon in both Kindle Book and Paperback Book. This is my second book carried by Amazon, but the first time that they picked it up in one day and are stocking a couple of copies already so I guess they think it will sell well. I will not get my copies for distribution on St. Croix until sometime in late September. Anybody who wants to start searching for billions can get a head start by buying it from Amazon.

Over the past six months I have been compiling all of the information about Pirate Treasures that have been lost to history on my home island of St. Croix. Throughout the past thirty years I have lived on the island, I have been told by all credible historians that there were no pirates on St. Croix so of course their would be no pirate treasures. Besides that fact, pirates were a bunch of foolish drunkards who had no reason to bury treasure when they spent it all so quickly. Well thank goodness for scholars of past centuries who documented the pirate presence.

My research documents the presence of several pirates who made St. Croix their home base and discusses the high probability that at least three of those treasures are still well hidden on the island. I am indebted to three proof readers who got caught up in the project and shared my excitement for treasure hunting and adventure. I will tell each of their stories separately in future posts.


About John Boyd

I have been hiking the hills and beaches of St. Croix Virgin Islands for over 30 years and in retirement have decided to become a Heritage Hiking Guide specializing in the local history, geology, settlers, plant life and environmental changes by all settlers of the last 2000 years but just along the trails I hike.
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