St. Croix, a 15 mile walk from Fort to Fort.

!5 mile Fort to Fort Walk, St. Croix

I had a great day on July 3, doing the Fort Christiansted to Fort Frederiksted, 15 mile, walk in about four hours and forty minutes or a pace of 3.2 miles per hour which was good enough to put me in the middle of the pack. This walk was billed as a re-creation of the historic Fort to Fort walk of July 3, 1848, which resulted in emancipation and I’m sure the organizer, Senator Positive Nelson, would have liked a very tight formation as we entered town as a political statement.

In fact, it was difficult to assess the size of the group (about 50) as everyone had different objectives and goals. Some ran, some were extreme power walkers, some like me walk to stay fit and others were out for a very social stroll. One group of power walkers completed the walk in about 3.5 hours which was an average speed of over 4 miles an hour. The fast group was mostly women and no I couldn’t keep up.

The entire group was culturally deserve and more social than political. Senator Nelson had to work overtime running up to the front trying to make sure the Traffic Police could handle the traffic over the 3 mile spread for everyone and then waiting at the break stations for the last ones to catch up before heading to the middle of the pack again.

I didn’t take any pictures as it was an overcast and occasionally rainy day and frankly, there is not much beautiful scenery along Queen Mary Highway. In taking the walk, I was rather amazed at how generally flat the road is and even the few hills are well graded to minimize any strain.

I definitely will do this walk again but would not recommend it as an individual outing. The Traffic Police were essential, especially at intersections, although everyone must recognize that most of our drivers love to socialize and support all our various events along the roads. As we reached the west end, there was a greater amount of socializing between walkers and drivers.

We were met at the Fort by the Chant group and the drummers and dancers were out in force. The attendees were once again very social and a good time was had by all.

The event was well organized with fruit and liquids at two break stations and the Fort. Transportation back to the starting point was provided to everyone who needed it by the friends and family of Senator Nelson. A great day that deserves a rerun.

While this was my first time, it was actually the tenth year and a few in the crowd had done it all ten years. If you like walking or hiking, join the group, you will be welcomed, have a fun day and end up with a great sense of accomplishment.

About John Boyd

I have been hiking the hills and beaches of St. Croix, Virgin Islands for over 35 years and in retirement, decided to become a Heritage Hiking Guide specializing in the local history, geology, plant life and environmental changes that accompanied all groups of settlers over the last 3000 years. Unfortunately, aging of my body has temporarily limited my aggressive physical activity and I am using my intrinsic curiosity to explore the very obscure history of St. Croix prior to World War I. The oldest recorded History was dominated by the actions of Absolute European Monarchs who claimed ownership of the Island. Of course, all their actions were reported upon by official scribes who were controlled by censorship. Regardless of the outcome, reports were always positive until the king was dead and a new monarch crowned.
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